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The Importance of Research Chemicals

Research chemicals refer to a class of usually psychoactive drugs or chemical substances used in scientific and medical research. This class encompasses a wide range of compounds that can be grouped as follows: cannabinoids, dissociatives, psychedelics, sedatives, and stimulants. Although today, many manufacturers of these substances already have an online presence and usually accommodate online orders, all in all the trade of these compounds is still done pretty implicitly to avoid abuse from unscrupulous individuals. The market for these compounds is usually universities, Chemistry students, and research institutes.

Research chemicals are instrumental in developing and evaluating new pharmaceuticals. Before a company releases a drug, tests are usually done to see if it produces the desired results and if it’s safe to be consumed. These tests usually involve either animal testing or clinical human trials. The said chemicals are likewise important in the agricultural world as they are used to test the effectiveness, toxicity, and safety of substances that may eventually be found in pesticides and plant feed. Some chemicals that do not have psychotropic properties – that is, they do not affect a person’s mental state - also find their way into the retail market because of their practical uses. A good example would be certain industrial solvents.

It should be noted that research chemicals are not meant for human consumption or veterinary use. These are only analogs of substances that have been approved for human or animal use. When you say a compound is an analog of a particular substance (usually a more popular, widely-used one), it means the two share the same structure and/or function. The difference is that chemicals used in research have not gone through clinical trials yet, so they cannot be made available to the general public.

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