So there you are as a man in Malaga – on your own and some combination of lonely and horny. And the more you focus on how lonely you are, the hornier you get. Or the more you think about how horny you are, the more lonely you feel. What are you going to do? Well there is always the internet and a meeting with Mrs Palm and her five lovely daughters, but that is always a little disappointing and eve if it eases the horniness a little it is probably going to make the loneliness worse. Unless you are really good to yourself and you pass out from how good you are! Or, for a more personal, intimate and satisfying experience you can meet with a sexy escort girl, have a bit of company, share a little drink and, of course, deal with those nasty little urges in your trousers. Maybe even attend to some of those more naughty desires that the good lady back home doers not fancy – if you have even picked up the courage to ask her.


So you fire up the laptop or the browser on your phone and start looking for Malaga escorts. The chances are that 2nd Circle Malaga  are going to be right up there near the top on any search engine that you are using. But there are dozens of agencies to choose from, so other than doing the sensible thing and just calling 2nd Circle, how do you know which agency is right for you? Well the first thing is the look and feel of the website. Have they taken care to make sure it looks appealing? If they have, then the chances are good that they are equally professional in other areas. They will also probably have attracted the better escort girls, because they like to be on a website that makes them look good.

Next, when you contact them, by phone or WhatsApp, does the receptionist seem genuine and interested, or are they just trying to bag a booking? You should do business with some who is interested in what you want, and manages to be both professional but also fun and witty. Though beware – if you spend too much time chatting with the reception you may get badged as a time waster. But in general terms, look for a firm that is interested in you and has a personality. Not because you will be dating the receptionist (not at a good firm anyway!) but because if the receptionist treats you well, they probably do the same with the girls, which means thatr they have better girls ion offer. Lastly, always ask for a “selfie” of the girl rather than just trusting the beautiful studio shots. That is about it. The make your booking with the girl of your dreams, sit back and wait to enjoy the ride.

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